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Bet on the Belmont Stakes

The Belmont Stakes is the third leg of the North American Triple Crown of horse racing. Many times, it is the climax of the Triple Crown races as everyone is watching patiently to see if a thoroughbred that won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness races can seal the deal and win the third. But that’s no easy feat as only 11 horses in the history have won all three Triple Crown races in the same year, so keep that in mind if you’re doing some Belmont Stakes betting.

How To Pick A Winner?
When you’re evaluating the Belmont Stakes betting lines, it’s important to note that the Belmont is the longest of the three Triple Crown races. The race takes place at Belmont Park, which is 1 ½ miles, which is why this race is known as the “The Test of the Champion”. That means that you should be looking to be a horse who has excellent endurance and ability to turn it up down the stretch. Those are the thoroughbreds that tend to thrive at the third jewel.

How Do The Odds Work?
If you’re new to betting on the Belmont Stakes, let’s walk you through a quick rundown to get you up to speed. In short, all you have to do is head over to the racebook at and find the odds for the Belmont (once the race is scheduled and the contestants are known).

To calculate the payout, you simply multiply your bet times the odds posted. The odds are a basic fraction, so you multiply by the numerator and divide by the denominator. Let’s say War Admiral is 11/1 and you bet $50. That means you’ll win $550 if he wins the race.

Bet the Belmont Stakes
Get the odds and place your wagers on the next Belmont Stakes with

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