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Play for Free Online Double Exposure Blackjack at

Type of Game:

Bet Limits:
Min: $1
Max: $50

Alternative Names:
Two Card Game

Skills Required:

Cards Value:
Ace: 1 or 11
2-10: Face value
Jack, Queen, King: 10

US Players:

Online Promotions:
10% signup bonus
10% reload bonus
No rollover
7.5% Daily Cash Rebate

Real Money:
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Play for Free Online Double Exposure Blackjack at

Double exposure is a version of blackjack where both of the dealer's cards are exposed. There are off course some rule changes to favor the dealer in order to compensate. The house edge is greater than conventional blackjack, but still this game is one of the best bets in the casino if properly played.

Double Exposure uses the usual blackjack rules with these main exceptions:

  • Both dealer cards are shown face up
  • No Pushes. House wins all ties, except on a natural blackjack
  • Player blackjack pays even money
  • Player may split only once
Play for Free Online Double Exposure Blackjack
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