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NFL Weekly Online Casino Blackjack Tournament

NFL Weekly Online Casino Promotions Blackjack Tournament
General Rules:

1. Contest is live each week of the NFL season.

(Week #13: Start Date: 2023/11/28 - End Date: 2023/12/04)

2. Contest is exclusive for the 'Vegas Offshore' online casino.

3. Contest is only available on the single-hand blackjack game.

4. Every true blackjack (Ace and 10) will be replaced with 1 of 10 players chosen that week. Players will rotate each week between quarterbacks, running Backs and wide receivers.

5. The weekly winner for quarterbacks will be the one with the most passing yards, running backs will be rushing yards and wide receivers will be receiving yards.

6. Collect as many cards of each player during the week as possible during the NFL season.

7. Collected Cards will be shown in the 'Contest' link on the top menu of the blackjack game.

How to win?

You will earn FREE cash deposited to your account w/ NO ROLLOVER based on the number of cards you collected of the player that wins for that individual week, Winnings will be credited Tuesday morning after Monday Night Football.

For example:

1. Let's assume Aaron Rodgers has the most passing yards in week 1. Let's also assume you collected 25 Aaron Rodgers cards in week 1.

2. You would win a FREE cash amount equal to the number of Aaron Rodgers cards collected multiplied by your average bet over the course of the week.

3. If your average bet over the entire playoffs was $20 then you would get a FREE bonus equal to: (25 cards x $20) or $500

The total amount credited to your account will be $500 w/ NO ROLLOVER.

Credit players are not eligible for this contest without prior approval from your agent.

Payment methods accepted - casino blackjack
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