Preakness Horse

The Preakness horse race is the second leg in the North American Triple Crown of racing. Every year, there’s always a lot of hype surrounding the Preakness Stakes because it comes just two weeks after the Kentucky Derby. All sorts of bettors and fans watch to see if the Kentucky Derby winner can make it two in a row. While the winner of the Kentucky Derby is adorned with a garland of roses, the winner of the Preakness is decorated with Black-Eyed Susans.

How To Pick A Winner?
When you’re betting on the Preakness horse race, it’s important to note that this is the shortest track of the three Triple Crown races. The Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore is only 1 3/16 miles long, which means that horses that are good at sprinting opposed to closing do a better job at this track.

How Do The Odds Work?
When you’re examining the Preakness Stakes odds at, the first thing you’ll want to do is head over to the racebook. There you’ll find a list of all of the horses involved in the race along with the odds next to their names.

Curlin 3/1
Phar Lap 7/1
John Henry 15/1

To bet the race, simply pick the horse you think is going to win it. To calculate the odds, it’s quite simple: just multiple the amount you are betting by the top part of the fraction and divide by the bottom. So if you want to bet $100 on Curlin, you’ll win $300 if he wins the race and cashes in.

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