Balmoral Park Race Track
Balmoral Park Race Track

Name of Track:
Balmoral Park Race Track

26435 S. Dixie Highway, Crete, IL, United States

Date Opened:
August 9, 1926

Course Type:

Main Track:
1 Mile, Oval

Last Turn to Finish Line:

1,360 feet

Turf course:
No Turf Course


Horse Racing at Balmoral Park

Founded in 1925, Balmoral Park Race Track officially held its first horse racing event in 1927 under the name of Lincoln Fields.

In 1955, Balmoral Jockey Club purchased Lincoln Fields. The same year, the name of the racetrack was changed to Balmoral Park Race Track.

In 1967, one of Balmoral Park Race Track's tracks was converted to a half-mile track for harness racing track. Since then, the facility has been primarily a harness racing venue, with thoroughbred racing hosted occasionally throughout the years.

Balmoral Park Race Track Racing Information:

Live Racing:  All Year Long

Live Racing Calendar: Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday

Notable Races at Balmoral Park Race Track:

Hanover Stakes
Orange and Blue
Midwest Derby
Filly Orange and Blue
Pete Langley Memorial
Grandma Ann
Dan Patch Championship
Ann Vonian
Su Mac Lad
Lady Ann Reed
American National series
Lincoln Land
Lady Lincoln Land


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